Mahoney Crossfit and the Functional Movement System

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized


As a community with a special interest in optimal health and performance, how do we know the right ways of achieving this from the wrong? The good programs from the bad?

We live in the information age where with the strike of a few keys and the click of a mouse can find us everything about anything, but let’s be honest…controversy is thick out there. What we need is honesty and reliability. We need a system of checks and balances that can help us sort through the uncertainty and find some truths.

In walks…the FMS or Functional Movement Screen.

So what is this Functional Movement Screen? The FMS is a tool that we use to grade our movement quality through functional movement patterns within normal ranges of motion. The screen uses several overlapping tests, with built in checks and balances, which demonstrate your ability to manipulate your body with balance, coordination, and agility – or grace and control. By using functional – or applicable, universal, real to everyday life – movements and generally accepted standards of normal joint ranges of motion, it allows us to identify imbalances and physical limitations in our athletes. Furthermore, it offers insight into the nature of these discrepancies – are they issues of mobility restriction or simply the inability to maintain control over ourselves as we move – stabilization?

This system has not made its way into use without being tried and tested. The FMS has been the center of numerous research studies that have validated its reliability. It has been implemented by many professional athletic teams and several national organizations. NFL teams such as the Colts, Seahawks, Falcons, Bills, Bears, Packers, Bangels, Ravens, Jets, Raiders, and 49ers as well as NHL teams, MBL teams, many universities, the Cooper Institute, Fire Departments, multiple US Government organizations, all branches of the US Military and even our very own Secret Service.

Why does that matter to MCF?

Because we are a lifestyle “box” – performance training facility – here at Mahoney CrossFit. We have folks from all walks of life that enter our doors with a common goal of better health and performance.

We aim to improve our members’ quality of life.

The FMS is helping us do that by providing a standardized screen to evaluate each member as an individual. From that functional baseline we are able to ensure member safety by identifying dangerous movement patterns on a personal basis and providing corrective strategies for both that member and the needs of our classes as a whole. Finally, the FMS helps improve our communication with the other allied health professions, increasing our ability to find appropriate referral sites for members with needs outside our scope or capabilities.

The bottom line is that Mahoney CrossFit is about helping our community grow stronger and healthier through safe, effective, and progressive practices and the FMS is just one of the many tools we use to provide our family with the best opportunity to succeed we can offer!


Coach C

For more information concerning the FMS visit:

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