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Recently I came across this article and thought a few of my CrossFit friends might be interested? In working as a Rehab Aide for the past nearly two years, I have seen a few of you in the clinic and/or have heard your stories/concerns. The article demonstrates a commonality among training that is limited in focus, true skill development, and smart planning.

There are some very general, but very real, neuromuscular dysfunctions and injuries that are becoming more and more common in the world of “the sport of fitness” right here in Salem, OR…painful shoulders, hips, knees, alongside Achilles Tendonitis and hamstring pulls.  The big concern, though, is not in that they are present, but that they are not being addressed appropriately.  So then the question is, first and foremost, what is the problem here?  It’s not so much a matter of who is to blame (coaches that lack experience or understanding or trainees that ignore the signs and symptoms of their developing conditions or lack the knowledge or motivation to seek help), it’s more a matter of what to do about it?

If you’re not focusing on identifying and strategically addressing weaknesses, refining your technique and developing an understanding and competency in the required skills of your ‘sport’, then all your hard work and efforts are wasted on beating a dead horse.

A few key points to remember:  1) scaling isn’t always the answer, sometimes you actually need real movement progressions or regressions; 2) Addressing weaknesses doesn’t necessarily mean more volume or repetition, sometimes it means developing joint mobility/stability, increased motor control, muscle activation, or re-patterning and appropriate firing sequence; 3) Developing a skill takes dedicated practice, not just competitive game play…have patience.

So are you slowly deteriorating behind a mask of increased work capacity…or are you truly developing your mind and body into one of the fittest athletes on Earth?

The bottom line is this…find a professional coach or trainer that possesses the knowledge and understanding necessary to help you identify your body’s asymmetries and make real progress…get screened…and get coached!