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My first contribution of any ‘real’ information will be on a topic I feel is rather fundamental, if not vital, to any program that involves strength training or athletic performance.  It’s an area that truly defines our evolutionary role as tool, instrument, and weapon wielders…our ability to grip.

The grip can make or break us when it comes to the manipulation of self or objects.  Without a strong and tireless grip our performance, especially in maximal effort bouts, is severely hindered.  Think of that last failed 1RM Deadlift attempt, or perhaps that heavy set of Power Cleans, you made – was it your legs that gave way beneath you or that damn bar slipping free from your chalked up hands?  Perhaps that false grip on the rings eludes you still?  Maybe you’ve considered the possible consequence of a missed apprehension or arrest?  Or likely that weekend-warrior-backyard-home-improvement gig has found you questioning whether or not you have developed a sudden case of carpal tunnel syndrome!

Whatever your poison, spending a few moments from time to time dedicated to improving your grip may be just the anecdote your searching for…here’s a link to an article with a great exploration of the topic and a few tips for getting your supplementary training started:


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Hello everyone!  I am excited to announce my new blog.  Here I will be sharing a few of my ideas and thoughts, likes and dislikes, and concerns (or lack thereof).   These will be accompanied by the same from those who I follow or think are important/relevant.  I hope to reach a few people out there and perhaps even spark some interesting conversation and friendships.  Thank you all for visiting my site and following along…