“Your skill, experience and knowledge is such a great benefit to those you work with… but your unique ability to successfully transfer all of that to those you train is really where you excel. I look forward to making this my “go to” place for health and wellness.”

Kirsten Z., Co-Owner Krav Maga Oregon, former 2010 On-Ramp student

“You have a great way about your teaching that makes a student feel important and like a priority and that you are totally focused on making sure they understand what you’re trying to convey.  You obviously know your stuff and it was a blast learning from you.  You’re a great coach/trainer and an even better person.  The Willamette Valley is VERY lucky to have you!”

-Jo Anna B., former 2010 On-Ramp student

“…I think you have the right approach.  You work with your student at their level but keep encouraging them to expand their skills.  Your technique is very solid.  The best thing that any instructor can pass on to a student is the instructor’s love for what they are doing.  Keep passing on that love, enjoyment and enthusiasm and you will continue to improve yourself.”

-Mary W., American Kenpo Karate Instructor, former 2010 On-Ramp student

“I signed up for On Ramp because I needed some change in my fitness routine (or, honestly, lack thereof). Before On Ramp, I’d never really used weights or learned proper form; I always tried a little bit of everything at a large gym, which was ineffective at best. I figured I’d learn something over the course of 12 classes, but I never imagined On Ramp would be as good as it turned out to be.

I really enjoyed working with Aron, who is a very effective coach for all things Crossfit – nutrition, form, stretches, motivation, you name it. The skills I learned in On Ramp made me feel comfortable walking into a normal Crossfit class and are very applicable to life outside Crossfit, too. I recommend the class 100%.”

-Tony S., former 2011 On-Ramp student

“Aron!  Your training was probably the best training I have ever had!  It challenged me and I never knew I could excel in anything more than running!  You taught me I could weight lift and that I have muscles! CrossFit and the On-Ramp class got me in way better shape!  I couldn’t have asked for a better intro to CrossFit. 

In all honesty, I didn’t really take in the food, but I now realize how important it is from experience and I learned a lot more about it!Well I can say that your class was just great! :)”

-Joobee C., former 2011 On-Ramp student

“I just waned to say that you made CrossFit so much fun to go and workout!!!  Now I am nervous to go back because your not there coaching me!!!!  You are so supportive and so great with teaching the correct form.

Also, all the words you said about correct habits about eating, to be honest, I didn’t think it would effect me.  Until I did faint and black out at track one day.  Now I am changing my ways of eating!!  Getting all the things you said where great for the body!!  I have nothing negative to say because you had a great teaching style and so easy to talk to if we had any problems!”

-Meemee C., former 2012 On-Ramp student

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