Training Services

With over 10 years of movement and fitness training experience, I bring a diverse background and understanding of fitness to my clients.   I have dedicated myself to the endless pursuit of knowledge to help my clients meet their health and performance goals, right here in the Willamette Valley!



Essentials of Movement Course (EMC):


Please see the description at the bottom of this page for details about this course.

More courses coming soon!

All training is by appointment only.  In-home/Outdoor locations welcome.  Equipment provided!


Single Sessions

Training sessions are not carried out in a “show up and read the board”  format.  All training is specifically designed to integrate the multifaceted needs of the person with their health and performance goals.  All aspects of wellness will be addressed to include movement quality screening, corrective/injury-prevention strategies, strength development, enhanced conditioning/performance, nutrition, and recovery.

Functional Movement Screening:


Private Training/Consultations:

$60 per appointment

Semi-Private Training: (2-4 participants)

$35 per appointment

Small Group Training: (5-7 participants) *

$15 per appointment


Monthly Rates (3 x week)

Private Training:


Semi-Private Training: (2-4 participants)


Small Group Training: (5-7 participants)*


*Prerequisite: EMC participation or screening/”test out” procedure.


Monthly Rates (2 x week)

Private Training:


Semi-Private Training: (2-4 participants)


Small Group Training: (5-7 participants)*



Fitness Program Design:


Program design is personalized according to each need and desired performance outcome goals.  All programs include a pre-screening and assessment, 4-8 weeks of exercise/workout progressions, and two follow-up email responses.


Corporate Wellness Programs:

As low as $10 per employee.  Please call or email for details.


Course Descriptions:

Essentials of Movement Course:

EMC is a 4 week physical education course that focuses on introducing movement patterns selected to  promote foundational skills in athleticism and improved performance, while guarding against many of the common injuries seen in active populations.  The aim is to prepare each student for higher learning with regards to movement and physical fitness by developing sound biomechanics and movement competency.  Classes are limited to 7 students and meet 3 times a week.  Components of  nutrition will be examined and applied, various homework activities will be assigned, and pre & post movement screening/testing will be performed.  Learning and development at the  personal level is our primary goal.

There is no prerequisite for this course, however, EMC is a prerequisite to participation in any group training class to assure the safety and integrity of all training sessions.  A “test out” procedure is available.  If you feel you are competent in the movements and would like to bypass this course, simply schedule a private training session and get validated.  “Test out” is pass/fail and requirements are available by request.

More course descriptions coming soon!

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